Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The 10 Things about Me special continues...

Okay, so, drum roll please... 10 more things about me that most people who read this may not know- well, with the exception of one of you (you know who you are!!!).
25. I am the youngest of 4 children: 2 boys/2 girls
24. Every morning I read my "" webpage horoscope- more times then not, it holds some validity.
23. I frequently climb out my window onto my fire escape and drink a beer and smoke a cigarrette... when people come over, I invite them out onto my "balcony"(there is a 3 person maximum)
22. In high school, I was nominated as, "most likely to host my own talk show"
21. Also in HS, I made the NHS and then got kicked off a year later because a teacher that disliked me, admittedly gave me a lower grade to make sure I got removed- he was the NHS moderator... who also on the last day of school told me that he, and I quote, "hate you!"
20. It's okay- I disliked him as well!
19. I find Tom Hanks, in the movie "You've Got Mail" to be irresistable!
18. Thundercats, Gummi Bears and He-Man were my favorite cartoons as a kid- In addition, I was a Hulk-a-maniac... couldn't understand why Elizabeth would stay with Macho Man when he was so mean.
17. I have two amazing neices, Gabriela and Sophia are their names.
16. Had my appendix out when I was 16
15. On my 10th birthday, my parents gave me a key to the house on a cute key chain- I thought it was the coolest gift! That's it, that was what I got!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Alrighty, here we go... 10 More things about my life... THE ANIMAL EDITION-
10. I have a bird named "Rocki"- he's a mini-parrot, also know as a lovebird
09. My family dog's name is "Guinness"
08. My last bird Turkey, was let out of my apartment window by a friend(accidentally) and got ran over by a bus on one of the busiest streets in my city... the corner liquor store clerk, collected his body for me and he is now buried in my parent's back yard.
07. My first pet(besides the family dog "Spotty") was a hamster my brother bought for me as a Christmas present... his name was "Peanut- Butter".
06. When my 1st grade teacher could no longer keep the class pet mice in the classroom, she gave them to me. "Whiskers" fell off my family's ping-pong table... yet again I was devastated!
05. "Guinness' Christmas stocking says "Dog-Man" because he is way to smart and great to be considered "ALL- Dog"
04. My college hamster "Heini" short for Heineken, was crawling down the hall in one of those hamster balls one Friday night, when a drunk floor mate mistook him for a soccer ball and kicked him down the hall- he was paralyzed for 4 days total, but then made a full recovery!!!
05. When ridding the kitchen counter of an ant infestation, my brother sprayed Raid all over the counter, not moving my fish far enough from the spraying- all three died.
04. In college ceramic's class, I made a life size replica of my rabbit "Soco", short for "Southern Comfort", everyone laughs at it because I am not an artist... but ever Easter, I put it on display.
03. Junior, was my childhood companion and the family dog that I personally picked out at age five.
02. When I was three, I pulled on Spotty's(another great family dog) tail, dislocating it- from that day forward it was never centered on his toosh... but instead to the side of it.
01. I have had over 25 pets and am commonly compared to "Elmira"

Monday, April 24, 2006

Things About Me

Okay- at the risk of being a copy cat- I have decided to copy my blog mentor and write some things that you may or may not know about me... let's see what I can recall or what I'm willing to divulge.
624. World History classroom number- where I experienced my first real high school crush!
192. Michael Jackson was my first crush ever!
319. Teachers wanted to hold me back in kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade- because they thought I didn't take school seriously and was socially immature... my mom told them to, "go stick it."
273. Carmela on the "Soprano's" is my 3rd cousin- but I will admit, I've never met her.
455. I have never lived more than 40 minutes from a major city.
963. My best friends growing up in Jersey were named Vinnie and Frankie
818. Just like "bee", I was a political science major in college
432. I have found myself doing a job I never imagined, has nothing to do with my major- but which is something I wish I would have focused on earlier.
*note to self: in your next life, major in BUSINESS!!!
542. Favorite colors: lavender, pink, blue, red
123. Ridicules, I know it's April, but I am currently listening to Nat King Cole singing the "Christmas Song"

Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday Matters

What a good way to start my morning- It's not even 8am and I have had the opportunity to talk to my sister, oldest brother and mother... just two more phone calls and I'll have the immediately family pegged. But the best part of this morning is that I found out that my brother has been accepted into an MBA program near his house and that when he went to resign from his position at work to move to another company- they countered with an amazing opportunity and advancement that puts him right where he wants to be! I couldn't be happier for him.
Besides that, I will have you know that this is the first weekend that I was in my apartment before 11pm on both Friday and Saturday- so nice taking it easy sometimes =)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday- Rained Out

Well, it's another rainy day in the San Francisco bay area... this is getting out of control!!! Those May flowers better bloom big! Anyway, I black balled my insurance teacher and got out of going to another one of her incredible crazy classes... which I will admit are a lot better this session that the last session two weeks ago. But the funny part about this is that, after black balling her, she asked me to be a financial guest expert at a "Planning for the Future" seminar that she is having at her apartment this weekend. Which, by the way, is LITERALLY, directly across the street from me... how crazy is that!?!
You know what's funny, ever since I wrote "Rained Out" in my title, I can't stop having " with my mind on my money and my money on my mind" stream through my head.