Monday, July 24, 2006

Jack Dallas

So, my first high school friend to get married... is now the first to be a mom. I just got back from seeing the 4 hour old son(Jack Dallas!). He's precious... really, normally babies aren't very cute when first born, but this one really is. He has a full head of hair and the softest skin- it was surreal to hold him and realize that he was going to go home with my friend. No instructions included!
The parent's are doing great and they couldn't be happier. And, my friend gave birth completely natural... she said it wasn't so bad, but I think the she's just so excited that she forgot the pain that she endured or she has a REALLY high pain threshold.
Well, that's all for now.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Office, New Hours, Same Job, Same Company

So, today was my first day in my new office... working new hours at the same job with the same company. I think it's going to help my career take off though. It's truly amazing how a different environment doing the same thing can be sooo different. When I signed on for this job, I expected to work long hours, but until today- never have. Today is my first 12 hour day and you know what... I'm fine, actually enjoying being here, feeling more productive and thinking that this was a smart move!
Anyway, enough chit chat- I'm happy to say, I still have more work to do... my career is about to take off, I just know it!!!