Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Story

Ever wonder what your story will be. Don't you look around and think that things in our everyday lives are too ordinary to create a story. But it happens... stories are written, told and relived.
A teenage girl who had just graduated from high school was abducted from Target the other day... she was just found dead. Who the hell thought they had the right to end her story and change the story of those around her so drastically? Just ran to Target(which I do practically daily!) and now she has a tragic story. Not to mention her family whose lives will never be the same. I say beat the living crap out of those people... seriously... who do they think they are. And, what's worse, is this type of thing happens all the time. Should we forgive them? Absolutely, otherwise the anger and hate will taint the rest of what is beautiful in the world... but man, they deserve to be punished severely.
Sorry to put such a sad story into my blog- but it makes you think.
How about the kids who are dying daily in the Middle East? That's a whole other ball game. I'm not going to discuss my political views on this situation, I don't even want to go there. But, sometimes when you're going about your day... do you ever wonder what a single individual is thinking or doing at that exact moment across the world. I do. In the past, when I've been in scary situations, I've often wondered if at that exact moment anyone was giving conscience thought to me. So, I try to give conscious thought to others.
Back to Kelsey, sometimes these abduction stories grab your attention more then others- this was one that really grabbed my attention. And, I can't help but wonder at what exact point she was killed... what was I doing and thinking at that moment. Because it couldn't have been nearly as intense or even thoughtful enough for the moment. Nothing can be done to know- but at some moment- she had to be wishing that someone would find her, rescue her and take her home. The smell of her house, her mother, the comfort of her bed... she most likely just wanted to be around someone that loved her and cared for her. A girl, about to go to college, probably not even caring about college in her last moments... just the hope of being safe. But then again, who am I to say what she was thinking- but I can't be that far off.
Anyway, I could go on forever. Let's just remember how good many of us have it... work worries, boy drama and a stubbed toe aren't worth the energy. At some point, we'll all just want to be safe and comfortable with the things/people that are most familiar to us.