Friday, September 29, 2006

Mistakes in Deed!

Just to preface, I don't really know if doing the deed with a co-worker was really that big of a mistake... but it may have been a mishap. Have you ever been in the situation where you know what you did wasn't the best decision, but you know that if you keep your composure and travel light and swiftly, things could still work out? The only problem, is how does one travel light and swiftly? You want to be cool, confident and collected- controlling the situation and not becoming overly emotional... you're doing great- but then, a moment hits. A moment of emotion, insecurity and your view becomes tainted, but they feel so clear and in that moment you risk blowing everything you've been trying to accomplish.
Or, things seem to be going swimmingly, but then without a word being said- the situation suddenly becomes stale. If you had said more, it'd become overly talked about, so you don't- but, now it is stale.
I must give myself credit, I have been good at detaching my emotions from feeling much regret- which I wouldn't have expected.
What's the funniest part about this, is that life will go on- more things will happen and probably within a week or maybe even in just a few moments, things will be completely different. And, I will survive and be a better person for it.
In case you're wondering what spawned this confusion today of all days- you must know that I read my "excite" horoscope daily and it's usually pretty accurate.
Here's what it had to say this morning...

Libra"Even though you've been keeping your eye on the ball, this game you've been playing with someone starts to get boring today -- and it's probably getting a little tiresome for them too. Call them up or send a nice email to get closure on the situation. Right now, you need to stay focused on the more important things in your life ... and if that means ending a relationship, so be it. Sometimes the effort is not worth it. If it's not fun, it's not right."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life Keeps Rolling

Okay- so it's been a great few days... I have moved into a great apartment very close to work. It's somewhat of a vintage apartment and it's definately bigger than my last apartment- which is always nice.
In addition- my friend, who claims to be an avid reader of my blog when and if I write one... just found out that she is positively pregnant... so I'd like to send out a great big congratulations to her and her husband... Lana or Georgie is sure to be darling, and I can't wait to watch him/her grow up!!!
Besides that- things are good... I'm trying to keep my focus on work. Isn't it funny... I have had plenty of jobs that I couldn't stand and would always try to find ways to quit- Now, I have a job I absolutely love and I have to fight to keep it! Funny how that works!