Friday, May 26, 2006

La Di Da

So, I was just looking at this family photo and realized that both of my in- laws have the same name... but one in the male and one in the female version of that name. What's interesting is that yesterday I was reading an article on MSN that said that studies have shown that people will even go so far as to be attracted to people with names that resemble theirs or initials that are the same as the person they are attracted to... I know it seems a little far fetched, but as they say..."studies have shown..."
Well, this is not the case for my brother and sister who are married. Christopher married his wife name Michele(I meant to only put one "l" there) and Andrea married Michael. Now, I'm going to take this a little further- just for the fun of it. I met this man, a very nice man, who claims to be a prophet of God. While speaking with this man, he advised me that I would be meeting the man I was going to marry very soon(gold to my ears!), and that God was preparing him for me. Well, as anyone would, I asked my new prophet friend... "Did God give you a name?" After taking a moment to pray, he said, yes- his name is Mike... well, now I am charged to wonder if maybe people in my family are attracted to "Mich...", this being for the obvious reason that we were raised obsessed with, "Highway to Heaven" and "Little House on the Prairie"- On a final note, I can then only wonder what my brother Brian's wife will be... Michaella. Well, if you're bored today- maybe this will give you something to occupy your time with. In the meanwhile, here's a few things about me.
10. I go back east about 3 times a year- and enjoy spending more of my time in NEW JERSEY than in NY.
09. As a child, I would crawl into any nook I found and take a nap- my family would have to search high and low to find me, as a child I slept like a log that has been placed in a sound proof box! Some things don't change.
08. Not to brag... but I am an expert at Ms. PacMan and have met few people that can hold a flame to my skills(if I'm going to brag, I might as sound really cocky!). At one of the bars I hang out at occasionally, I play unsuspecting victims for rounds of drinks- loser buying for the other person's group of friends.
07. I own the actual arcade, Ms. PacMan, my uncle used to fix arcade games and gave us Ms. PacMan when I was really young.
06. I used to run cross country in high school and be half way decent- however, I can't sprint to save my life... as my hs softball coach used to say, "Olliebur, detach the anchor from your Ass!"
05. In 7th grade, I gut punched a 6th grader who called my mom a B*^ch. I got detention, but my parents were so proud of me for sticking up for the family, they bought me a cake =)
04. My friend who's middle name is Ashley, is going to go on a bay cruise this weekend with me! She promised she'd take me on one and pay for it when we went to a baseball game together- she's the best!
03. In college, I decided to pay a visit to a friend of mine late at night... turned out, when I left... the gate was left open and her family dog got out and ran away.
02. Also, in college, I had a friend with the same name- which is rare, how many olliebur's do you know. But anyway, I would blame things on her if my name was on the evidence!!! I hope she knew I was always joking.
01. Writing these 10 things took me 36 minutes.

Friday, May 19, 2006


So, I used to work for this very handsome man- however, now I do not. He is in fact single, as am I. We enjoy each other's company. I need a new apartment, he has a room available in his house. I have a great job- he has offered me an awesome opportunity.
Things I have concluded= I am not moving into his available room, I will find an apartment.
Well, that's all I've concluded. See, I'm a strong believer of not dating someone I am working with or for. I am also a believer in the decade rule(this is for myself, not necessarily others!)... he is a tad bit more than a decade older than me. Okay, keep your pants on- a decade only means 10 years, not 20, and he does fall closer to the 10 years.
Bee has offered great advice- I have to choose... date or work with him- NOT BOTH. I know earlier I said, I'm a strong believer in that same concept, but in case you haven't noticed... I'm full of contraditions- note: decade rule and the fact that this man is more than a decade older.
Anyways, if you've gotten this far- I might as well let you know a little bit more about myself- so here's 10 things.
10. On average, I consume at least one glass of chocolate milk a day.
09. I have aunts named Re, Ro and Te, Re and Ro are sisters, Te is their sister-in-law
08. Every time I walk up a flight of stairs, I count them- even if I walk the same stairs daily.
07. On that note, when I'm bored, I make up math equations in my mind and try to come up with the answers without using paper or a calculator. Otherwise, I make up songs and sing them to myself.
06. I have a scar in the corner of my forehead... got stitches twice in the same exact spot a year to the month- once because I fell when my sister was chasing me, once because my brother was chasing me... both because I tripped and hit the same corner of the same piece of furniture.
05. In fourth grade, I got caught cheating twice within a week.
04. In college, I had a suspended license and warrant out for my arrest for a full year(and I still drove)... why, because I never paid my fix-it ticket.... so stupid of me, however when I did appear in court and pay my $1100 bail, the judge gave it all back to me! I still learned my lesson though.
03. Knock on wood- I have never broken a bone in my body.
02. I have a tattoo of a shamrock with a heart in the middle- so that wherever I go, I bring luck and love... I came up with the tag line after I got the tattoo!
01. On my 6th birthday, my family went to Disneyworld- Goofy slapped me across the face with his big soft hand, my sister witnessed it, my parents didn't believe me- my sister didn't tell my parents until a few years later that it was true. "Why did he slap you?", one might ask... Another kid pulled his tail and ran away- I was next in line and standing there with my Disney Princess' autograph book- he said, "You bad girl" and slapped... never signing my book. Needless to say, I was never a fan of the "Goof Troop" fad!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

I think yesterday had to go down as one of the nicest mother's days I've had in recent memory. It all started when I actually woke up on time after a pretty crazy night out(that's another posting all together!)- hopped in my car to go to my parent's house, when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but one of the most beautiful sunny mornings... 9am, windows down and I'm on time!
Well, I guess my parents had underestimated me and my ability to make it to mass with them- so my early arrival set the tone for the rest of the day... we went to mass and then went to a restaurant that sits on the SF bay... enjoyed a sampler of crab, filet mignon and shrimp; along with a mimosa or two. Then it was off to home and a nap. My parents decided to go play golf- so two of my friends came over and we floated in pool... I know, it doesn't get much better- ah, but it does. Right when I was becoming a little to prunie, it was off to mother's day dinner. Prime Rib(rare) was the order around the table... my brother in law ruined the sweep by ordering another form of cow.... but that's okay. A few bottles of Cabernet, a few bites of the garlic mash and we were off to dessert- that's right.... Baskin Robbins!
Well, after arriving home, all 5 of us, perfectly plump- the game was on. Who would take home the crazy eights title ? Well, it wasn't me, but that's okay. I was out of the game, which meant, I was able to put on my bathing suit and get in the Jacuzzi first. I know, it seems like the endless day of pleasure... and honestly, it was. After, another bottle of vino and a dip in the jacuz, Grey's Anatomy came on... a perfect end to a perfect day!
The best part of the day I think was the easy flow and agreeable moods that everyone was in. Just happy to be with each other and more than happy that we have one GREAT MOM to celebrate!