Thursday, August 24, 2006

Eastern Bound

So, it's been a year- the longest stretch I've had since touching eastern soil. I'm about to end that streak tonight, as I fly into the dark of night and land in the light of day in New York. First, it's off to Queens to visit my Uncle Tommy- traditional diner breakfast. Then, off to Jersey to visit the old neighborhood friends. Next, nap time, before the real marathon begins. We'll meet up with my brother for dinner and then split... Bri and I will go one way and my parents will go the other. Sunday, we'll unite again on our way to my oldest brother's beach house... play with my nieces and jump waves in the Atlantic. Tuesday morning, I'm catching the 630ish flight back to Cali, get to work around noon and then fall back into my normal routine.
However, regardless of how short a trip this will be- it will be wonderful... it always is! Family and friends of Fun, Humid nights with lightning bugs, authentic Chicken Parm and that under appreciated smell that always make me feel at home.
Now, I know it's been 13 years since I lived there- but it's never left... I am part Irish, part Italian and definitely part Jersey(I am part Cali too!). But you always yearn more for what's not as present in your life.