Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Boss

Alright, it's been awhile, but I feel obliged to write this morning because of a great experience I had last night. Yesterday, last minute, a friend and I decided to buy tickets off craigslist and go over an hour northeast to see "The Boss". I personally hold a lot of sentimental feelings and emotions towards the boss- A. I'm a child of the 80's .B. Am originally a "Jersey Girl" .C. Have two older brothers who would listen to him all the time .D. Will always appreciate that he gives accalades to my old hometown in Jersey in the song "johnny 99" .E. I'm not going to bore you with the rest of this list- I'll do that with the 10 things list in a few minutes!
Well, after buying the cheapest seats in the house, but still getting seating(not lawn, not bad!). My friend and I were able to move up and onward, 1st from the second tier to the 12th row all the way down to the 2nd row and technically since I hopped over the first row seat, I made it to front row Bruce- while he was still performing... it was amazing, you could see the creases in his pants, the eyebrow hair he forgot to pluck and it was all worth it to see that amazingly sincere smile that comes from the joy he gets from playing his music.
To top it all off, he then played a song I had never heard him play in concert before. A song that very few people know, "Johnny 99"- which mentions Mahwah- Standing there in my green, "Jersey Girl- Best in the World!" sweatshirt, in the middle of nowhere California, hearing the seemingly insignificant and unappreciated by so many people, other than Mahwahians, song... was absolute pure bliss.
Definitely time well spent.
Well, here's 10 things you might not have known about me...
10. My first job was a paper route(after me, they only hired adults! give me a break, I was 10!)
09. Also, at age 10, I was punched right in the face by Jason Heinke- Vinnie and my neighbor rival- I pretended it didn't hurt til I got around the corner and burst into tears.
08. I'm a smoker and not only that- I'm a smoking snob!!!! Parliament Lights ONLY
07. My favorite meal is chicken parmesan
06. On that note- my favorite consumable item is marinara- I put it on everything, EVERYTHING.
05. My hair is light brown and curly, not wavy, curly- however, I straighten it 2-3 times a week to switch it up.
04. There are fake flowers on my desk at work- people ask me if they are real often.
03. I saw a Freddie Krueger movie when I was 6- for 6 more years, I feared being upstairs by myself, getting out of bed in the dark- his claw hand could have been beneath my bed and basements with water heaters.
02. I have travelled out of the country to: Mexico(3x's + a cruise), France(2x), Italy(6 weeks), Austria(2x) and Prague(1day, 2 nights)
01. A side of me, still has a tendency to believe in fairies... I definitely believe in Guardian Angels.