Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So, yesterday I was listening to the radio as I was driving to work and as I parked the last thing the radio commentator said was."If you're going to die this year, your chances of dying in January are the highest". To which I turned my car off.
I found this statement to be odd and it kind of stuck with me all day- somewhat bothering me and wishing it wasn't the last comment I heard before starting my day off.
Well, I didn't die, which is FANTASTIC.... but my day did continue in an odd fashion. I had a really hard time getting anything done at work. I couldn't stop staring at the other girl in my office who I found out is now sleeping with the same man I had.(but, I'm not opening that bag of worms!!!)
So, I decide to go get something to eat. While deciding... I make a last minute decision to visit my good pal BEE and grab a burrito. Well, while getting off the freeway ramp- a hot police officer gets behind me... no big deal, I've done nothing wrong. Oh, wait, I did- I really don't remember doing this, but I guess I made a right hand turn on a "No Turn on Red" intersection.
Well, that's great, I can't go to traffic school because I've been within the last 18 months and the ticket will be about $271.
Okay, bright side... the ticket won't come in the mail for 4-6 weeks... so, I don't have to worry about paying it for 8-12 weeks!
Well, long story short, I decide to take an "AIRobics" class with my friend "Jewel's". Totally fun and extremely exhausting trampoline class(on HUGE trampoline's) at this new venue in the area. Now, I'm on crutches with a sprained ankle and more loose floor mats in my apartment than I had previously noticed!!!
Funny how perspective changes when you have a damaged limb.
Nice thing, I still have all my limbs- no amputations, lots of ice and a steady supply of advil... God is definitely good to me.
I'm just hoping that today goes a little smoother then yesterday!

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thatbeegirl said...

Oh My Gawd.
You totally didn't even mention Julia and she was at the AIRobics class with you?! Ooooooh!